The Procurement Division strives to obtain goods and services in a timely manner at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayers. While the Division’s main focus is on reducing spending where possible, it is also working to streamline the procurement process and develop centralized purchasing options. The Division’s goal in the upcoming fiscal year is to realize cost savings from group purchases and to implement standardized procurement procedures County-wide.

We welcome citizen comments and suggestions, and can be reached by selecting the Contact Procurement link on the menu to the right, or by phone at 540-586-7601.

Mission Statement

To promote the County’s best interests by providing professional purchasing services that result in the maximization of the value of public funds while observing strict adherence to all applicable State and Federal laws regarding public purchasing. We strive to ensure that all County departments and agencies have a well organized supply system that is readily accessible, user friendly and maximizes purchasing power, and that all vendors to the County have a full understanding of the County’s policies and procedures regarding procurement.

Procurement Division
Bedford County Management Services