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The seven-member Board of Supervisors is elected by the voters of Bedford County and each represents an election district of approximately 10,500 citizens. The supervisors' election terms are staggered and the board elects its chairman and vice chairman each year at the board's organizational meeting in January.

The Board has overall administrative and legislative responsibilities including the levying of county taxes, appropriating funds, approving and enforcing the county's Comprehensive Plan, which governs land use, making and enforcing ordinances and establishing policies and procedures for the residents of the county.

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    Committees & Appointments

    Bedford County Board Of Supervisors Calendar Year 2015 ‐ Committees & Appointments


    Community Services Committee:

    Curry Martin & Bill Thomasson

    Economic Development Committee:

    Steve Arrington & Tammy Parker

    Finance Committee:

    Annie Pollard & Steve Wilkerson

    Personnel Committee:

    Tammy Parker & John Sharp

    Public Safety Committee:

    Curry Martin & Steve Wilkerson

    Public Works Committee:

    Annie Pollard & John Sharp

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    Meeting Rules & Procedures

    2015 Bylaws & Rules Of Procedures Bedford County Board Of Supervisors


    Regular Meetings. (a) All regular meetings  of the Board shall be open to the public, except certain specific exempt topics identified in Section 2.2-3711 of the Virginia Code. Read More>>

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    Important Dates & Schedule

    Important tax dates are normally cataloged on the Bedford County Calendar and are also added to the County Meetings page Read More>>

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    Meetings, Resolutions & Agendas

    Minutes, Agendas & Resolutions are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Acrobat files preserve the formatting and look of the originals and are easier to read and search. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files& Resolutions. Read>>

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    Find Your Precinct

    Looking for Election Districts & Precincts?. Read more>>

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    Meet the Supervisors

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