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Regional Board or Commission

A democracy relies on its citizens to share their time, energy and expertise with the rest of the community by serving on various civic boards, commissions and committees. There is no better way to become actively involved in government and to serve fellow citizens than by becoming a member of one of these important panels. The Board of Supervisors appoints members to more than a score of local and regional boards, most of which are listed below.

You can download and print an application here, or locate the board or commission on the Boards & Commissions page. Feel free to contact us by mail, telephone, email or in person if you think you'd like to volunteer.

  • 3.Alcohol-Safety-Action-Program Blue Button 3.Alcohol-Safety-Action-Program Green Button

    Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASP)

    There is one county representative appointed by the Board of Supervisors for a 3 year term subject to re-appointment.

  • 21.Community-College-Board Blue Button 21.Community-College-Board Green Button

    Community College Board

    There is one county representative appointed by the Board of Supervisors for a 4 year term up to 2 consecutive terms.

  • 22.Community-Services-Board Blue Button 22.Community-Services-Board Green Button

    Community Services Board

     The Community Services Board is responsible for matters related to mental health, mental retardation, substance abuse, and prevention. Established under Virginia law these regional agencies have responsibility for the distribution of millions of dollars annually for emergency services, local inpatient services, outpatient and case management services, day support services, residential services and prevention and early intervention services. Directors, including one elected official, are appointed by the Board of Supervisors for 3 year terms (maximum 2 consecutive terms). Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, and members are not compensated for attendance. Read more>>

  • 66.Regional-Disability-Services-Board Blue Button 66.Regional-Disability-Services-Board Green Button

    Regional Disability Board

    Established under Virginia law, the Regional Disability Services Board was created to provide input to state agencies on service needs and priorities of persons with physical and sensory disabilities, to address matters related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, and to provide such other assistance and advice to local governments as may be required. There are two Bedford County representatives on the Regional Disability Services Board for three year terms - one is an elected official or staff person, and the other must be a handicapped individual.

  • Regional Green Button

    Region 2000 Board of Directors

    There are two representatives appointed by each governing body to serve on the Region 2000 Board of Directors. One is a government representative and one a citizen representative from the business community. The Board makes policy decisions related to the administration of the regional economic development program. Terms are at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors

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    Local Boards & Commission

    For a look at Bedford County Local Boards Read More>>