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The office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is located in Bedford, Virginia at 123 East Main Street, Suite 302. To reach the office by phone call 540-586-7628.
Ayers, StephanieAssistant Commonwealth Attorney IV (Deputy)Commonwealth Attorney
Ewing, JessicaParalegalCommonwealth Attorney
Gardner, StaceyAssistant Commonwealth Attorney III (Chief)Commonwealth Attorney
Griffin, TimAssistant Commonwealth Attorney ICommonwealth Attorney
Mayfield, AngelaVictim/Witness AdvocateCommonwealth Attorney
McMillan, BriannaParalegalCommonwealth Attorney
Morgan, JasonAssistant Commonwealth Attorney ICommonwealth Attorney
Nance, WesCommonwealth's AttorneyCommonwealth Attorney
Overstreet, AngelaTrail Paralegal/Administrative ManagerCommonwealth Attorney
Parker, PhyllisParalegalCommonwealth Attorney
Sellers, HeatherVictim/Witness Asst DirectorCommonwealth Attorney
Wheelock, JohnAssistant Commonwealth Attorney IICommonwealth Attorney
Wooten, StephanieParalegalCommonwealth Attorney