Building Inspections

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Welcome to Building Inspections

The Building Inspection office is responsible for ensuring public health, safety and welfare associated with the design, construction and utilization of public and private buildings. County inspectors inspect all buildings under construction for compliance with the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.

Contractors (and homeowners doing their own work on their homes) must obtain a building permit from the county Building Official when they construct, enlarge, alter, repair, convert, move or demolish any building in Bedford County. Inspectors ensure that construction meets state construction codes as well as county regulations, such as setback requirements.

Applications for all permits are filed in the Building Inspection office and all applications must be approved and fees paid before work can begin. Permits must be displayed before any inspection can be made. A certificate of occupancy must be obtained before a building or structure can be occupied.

The Building Inspections office is a division of Bedford County's Department of Community Development. For question cal (540) 586-7616

Donnie Dillion is the Chief Building Official

* Permit Notice: Effective November 01, 2012; Bedford County will be issuing ALL Building & Land Disturbance Permits for the Town of Bedford & Approved Zoning Permit from the Town of Bedford. Any County Required Plan Review must be received prior to issuance of any permit.