Panorama from the Top of the Closed Landfill and the Peaks


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Bedford County Recycling

Waste Management Facility signBedford County is working towards educating the residents about the importance of recycling in our community. The Solid Waste Department will conduct facility tours, will do presentations and provide information pertaining to recycling for schools, groups, etc. Please contact Vicki Esposito at 540-586-7656 if interested and help spread the word about the importance of recycling. Bedford County currently offers recycling at 14 of our collection centers and hopes to add recycling services to other collection centers in the near future.

Materials Recycling Facility

Bedford County finished the construction of the Materials Recycling Facility at the County Landfill in May 2006. All recyclables collected from the 14 recycling centers are brought to the MRF where they are sorted, baled and marketed to various buyers.