Public Notice: Please take notice that Chairman of the Bedford County Board of Supervisors has called a Special Meeting of the Board for Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 at 5:00 pm.  The meeting will be held in the boardroom of the Bedford County Administration Office, 122 E. Main St., Bedford, VA.  The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss capital improvement plans for FY19-20, and to discuss the Forest Middle School renovation project.  There may be action taken by the Board on the Forest Middle School project.  



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Countywide Broadband System Public-Private Partnership

  • Department:Information Technology
  • RFP Number:2008-04
  • Start Date:06/29/2018 4:42 PM
  • Close Date:TBD

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The Bedford County Broadband Authority (Authority) will accept conceptual proposals until 2:00 p.m. EST time on 31 August, 2018, in the Office of the County Administrator for Bedford County, Virginia, located at 122 East Main Street, Suite 202, Bedford, Virginia 24523, to form a public-private partnership with the Authority for the provision of county-wide wireless broadband internet as specified by the Scope of Services. The procurement will be administered by the County Administrator of Bedford County acting as the Authority’s Agent (“Authority’s Agent”).
Copies of this Request for Proposal may be obtained upon request from the Authority’s Agent, telephone (540) 586-7601, or they may be picked up at the above location. The request for proposals may be viewed on the County’s web page:
The Offeror has the responsibility to identify and describe clearly the services it proposes. Offerors should take into account that not only the content but also the form and clarity of their proposal are considerations the Authority will take into account. If the Authority cannot determine what is being proposed, it is likely to reject the proposal. All information should be submitted in an organized, easy-to-understand manner.
The right is reserved, as the interest of the Authority requires, to revise or amend the specifications prior to the date set for opening proposal; the opening date may be postponed if deemed necessary by the Authority’s Agent. Such revisions and amendments, if any, will be announced by written Addenda to the specifications. The Authority will reject proposals received after the date and time of closing and return them to the Offeror unopened. Timely submission of proposals is the sole responsibility of the Offeror.
Each Offeror should submit one original and seven paper copies of its proposal, signed by an official of the Offeror with actual authority to sign the proposal, together with one electronic copy, which may be submitted to the Authority’s Agent in Adobe Portable Document Format by email, upon a CD- or DVD-ROM, or upon a flash drive. In the event of a discrepancy between the time of receipt of the email and the time of receipt of the paper original, the time of receipt of the paper original shall control. Proposals must be submitted to: 

G. Carl Boggess 

County Administrator

County of Bedford, Virginia

122 East Main Street Suite 202 

Bedford, Virginia 24523 540-586-7601


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