Public NoticeThe entire list of Board meetings for the remainder of the year is as follows:

  • November        25th       Regular Meeting
  • December        9th         Regular Meeting (Work Session 5:00 to 6:30 pm)

Public Notice: The Department of Community Development will be closed on Monday, November 18th as the Department transitions to new permitting software.  As a result, no inspections will be conducted nor permits will be issued.  Thank you for understanding as we go through this transition.



County Staff Directory

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Markham, MelissaFamily Services Specialist IISocial Services(540) 586-7750
Martin, AngelaBenefit Programs Specialist IIISocial Services(540) 586-7750
Mayhew, JillAdministrative Program Assistant ISocial Services(540) 586-7750
McCauley, PatriciaAssistant DirectorSocial Services(540) 586-7750
McElroy, KathyFamily Services SupervisorSocial Services(540) 586-7750
Millender, LaurieBenefit Programs Specialist IVSocial Services(540) 586-7750
Moorman, CarolannBenefit Programs Specialist IISocial Services(540) 586-7750
Morrow, JenniferFamily Services Specialist IVSocial Services(540) 586-7750
Morrow, LucyFamily Services Specialist IIISocial Services(540) 586-7750
Murphy, LisaFamily Services Specialist IIISocial Services(540) 586-7750