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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take DEBIT or CREDIT CARDS for anything other than real estate or personal property taxes?

    No. We re unable to accept debit or credit card for any other bills or fees that you might owe the County.
  • How do I obtain a DOG TAG?

    You may either mail or bring a copy of your rabies certificate to the Treasurer's Office for each dog tag that you need. You do not need to fill out an application form. Be sure to include your check or money order if paying by mail. We will mail your certificate & tag back to you, but we cannot mail "S" hooks or rivets.

    NOTE: For DANGEROUS DOG TAGS, you must first visit the Sheriff's Office, Animal Control Division on Falling Creek Road. You may want to call first so that you have the proper paperwork with you. The number is 540-586-7670.

  • How do I make my check payable for STATE INCOME TAXES or ESTIMATED TAXES filed through the County Commissioner of the Revenue's Office?

    You must always make your check payable to "Bedford County Treasurer". Mail your return & the first check to the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office. Subsequent checks are to be mailed brought to the Treasurer's Office.

    NOTE: If you did not file through the County & sent your return directly to the State, you must also send your payments to the state at the Department of Taxation.

  • How do I get a COPY OF MY BILL or a COPY OF MY RECEIPT?

    You may email the County Treasurer at or phone (540)-586-7670. When paying, please include a request for a receipt if you would like one by return email.
  • How can I make a payment if I have a DMV STOP on my account?

    We cannot accept checks for account payments where there is a DMV STOP. You may come into the office & pay in cash, money order, or with a debit/credit card. There is a 2.35% fee for

    using the debit card in the office (POS). You may pay by phone by calling 1-(800)-272-9829. The Jurisdiction Code 1067. There is a fee based on the amount of tax you are paying. Or, you may pay over the Internet at Again, the Jurisdiction code is 1067 & the fee applies based on the amount of tax you are paying.


    Please feel free to email or phone the Treasurer's Office for a printout of any bill that you may need. Remember that failure to receive a bill does not relieve you of the responsibility of paying the bill on time. Any payments received after the deadline will be considered late (unless postmarked on or before the deadline) and the 10% penalty will apply.
  • What should I do if I have a MORTGAGE ESCROW & I received the bill for my taxes?

    Please forward the bill to the bank where you have the mortgage.
  • Do you accept POSTMARK or must the payment be received by the due date?

    We DO accept postmarks. Normally, your payment will be posted the date of its receipt in our office. However, when the volume is heavy, such as the last few days before the deadline, the payment will be posted as of the deadline date if the postmark is on or before the deadline. Please be aware that it may take up to 1-week for us to post all of the payments received for a regular deadline.
  • May I pay both real estate & personal property on the same check?

     Yes. Make sure you include the bill stubs for each or write the RPC for the real estate & the A/C # for the personal property on your check.
  • To whom do I make my CHECK PAYABLE?

    "BEDFORD COUNTY TREASURER" Any time you make a payment to or through the County, your check should be payable to the Bedford County Treasurer.
  • How do I find what I owe in real estate or personal property taxes on the County Website?

    Unfortunately, the taxes are not available on the website. Staff in the Treasurer's Office will be happy to assist you with your balance due. The Treasurer's Office number is (540)-586-7670.