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Database updated through September 4, 2008

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  • Biosolids

    • 12VAC5-585-10. Definitions.

    • 12VAC5-585-100. Types of hearings.

    • 12VAC5-585-110. Informal conference of right.

    • 12VAC5-585-120. Hearings and petitions.

    • 12VAC5-585-130. Permits.

    • 12VAC5-585-140. Procedure for obtaining a construction or operation permit.

    • 12VAC5-585-150. Formal requirements for the submission of design data.

    • 12VAC5-585-160. Processing of plans, specifications and other design documents.

    • 12VAC5-585-170. Issuance of the construction permit.

    • 12VAC5-585-180. Revisions of approved plans.

    • 12VAC5-585-190. Information required upon completion of construction.

    • 12VAC5-585-20. Compliance with the Administrative Process Act.

    • 12VAC5-585-200. Issuance of the operation permit; facilities; land application.

    • 12VAC5-585-210. Amendment or reissuance of permits.

    • 12VAC5-585-220. Revocation or suspension of a permit.

    • 12VAC5-585-230. Monitoring; records; reporting.

    • 12VAC5-585-240. Applications for nondischarging treatment works or sludge management facilities not governed by the sewage handling and disposal regulations.

    • 12VAC5-585-250. Compliance with Part II (Operational Regulations) of this chapter.

    • 12VAC5-585-260. Compliance with Part III (Manual of Practice) of this chapter.

    • 12VAC5-585-270. Biosolids Use Regulation Advisory Committee.

    • 12VAC5-585-280. Minimum biosolids sampling and testing program.

    • 12VAC5-585-290. Minimum operational testing and control program.

    • 12VAC5-585-30. Powers and procedures of regulations not exclusive.

    • 12VAC5-585-300. Records.

    • 12VAC5-585-310. Additional monitoring, reporting and recording requirements for land application.

    • 12VAC5-585-320. Additional monitoring, reporting and recording requirements for sewage sludge and residual solids management.

    • 12VAC5-585-330. General.

    • 12VAC5-585-340. Contents.

    • 12VAC5-585-350. Operability.

    • 12VAC5-585-360. Maintenance.

    • 12VAC5-585-370. Biosolids monitoring/reporting.

    • 12VAC5-585-380. Sampling.

    • 12VAC5-585-390. Soils monitoring and reporting.

    • 12VAC5-585-40. Fees.

    • 12VAC5-585-400. Crop monitoring and reporting.

    • 12VAC5-585-410. Groundwater monitoring and reporting.

    • 12VAC5-585-420. Sludge stabilization

    • 12VAC5-585-430. Sludge thickening.

    • 12VAC5-585-440. Sludge dewatering.

    • 12VAC5-585-450. Sludge management.

    • 12VAC5-585-470. Sludge quality and composition.

    • 12VAC5-585-480. Land acquisition and management control.

    • 12VAC5-585-490. Transport.

    • 12VAC5-585-50. Reimbursement.

    • 12VAC5-585-500. Storage facilities.

    • 12VAC5-585-510. Biosolids utilization methods.

    • 12VAC5-585-520. Distribution or marketing.

    • 12VAC5-585-530. Sludge disposal.

    • 12VAC5-585-550. Biosolids characteristics; nutrients; trace elements; organic chemicals.

    • 12VAC5-585-560. Biosolids treatment

    • 12VAC5-585-570. Site access time restrictions.

    • 12VAC5-585-580. Biosolids management for nitrogen loading.

    • 12VAC5-585-60. Exception; emergency regulations.

    • 12VAC5-585-70. Enforcement of regulations.

    • 12VAC5-585-80. Emergency orders.

    • 12VAC5-585-90. Variances.

    • Article 3 Agricultural Use of Biosolids 12VAC5-585-540. Standards for agricultural use.

    • Biosolids Use Standards 12VAC5-585-460. General.