Staff Directory List

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Dawson, John
Dudley, JanetaChairman(434) 525-4671
Deese, JeanneAdministrative Program Assistant II
Davis, BrookeBenefit Programs Specialist II
Dalton, CherylBenefit Programs Specialist III
Doherty, KevinDeputy Sheriff - Field OperationBedford County Sheriff's Office (BCSO)
Desilvey, GarySergeant - FieldBedford County Sheriff's Office (BCSO)
Davis, BobDistrict 6 SupervisorBoard of Supervisors(434) 660-9200
District 7, Martin F. LeamyTerm Expires: 12/31/19Board of Zoning Appeals(540) 589-0014
District 6, Steven R. Grant (Chairman)Term Expires: 12/31/19Board of Zoning Appeals(540) 586-3807
District 5, Ricky WilkersonTerm Expires: 12/31/20Board of Zoning Appeals(540) 586-9616
District 4, William L. AllmanTerm Expires: 12/31/22Board of Zoning Appeals(434) 942-7010
District 3, Mark E. Martin (Vice Chairman)Term Expires: 12/31/21Board of Zoning Appeals(540) 297-5149
District 2, Waller S. Perror, IIITerm Expires :12/31/19Board of Zoning Appeals(540) 312-8807
District 1, W.A. Bohon, Jr.Term Expires: 12/31/21Board of Zoning Appeals(540) 537-4688
Dillon, DonnieBuilding OfficalBuilding Inspections(540) 586-7616
Daniels, SonnyDeputy Sherriff - Field OperationE911 Dispatch/Communications
Dellis, SueCommunications Shift SupervisorE911 Dispatch/Communications
Dobyns, JoshuaInternet Crimes Against Children (ICAC)
Dooley, HelenScaleHouse AttendantLandfill